Let’s do this!

Clare has kindly allowed me first post on our new blog. However, I realise that this probably means I should do an introduction, and I’m not sure I’ll make our blog sound appealing enough. I’m a Scot. We compliment things by saying they’re ‘not bad’.

Anyway, my name is Lauren, and Clare and I will both be contributing to this blog. To give you a bit of background info, we’re both postgraduate students living together in Edinburgh with another friend, the Working Woman. We’ve all been friends for years, went off to study our respective subjects at university, had a year after graduation as working women, and Clare and I ended up back at university studying the same course: publishing. 

The blog is called ‘Wake Up Your Luck’ because we were inspired by the slogan for Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations this year: ‘13 – Be Lucky’. We found the saying ‘Go and wake up your luck’ and thought the sentiment fit our aim exactly. We’ve both got thirteen goals to achieve in 2013, and we’re going to post about our progress.

I’ve not 100% confirmed my resolutions. This is for two reasons. Firstly, I can be a tad disorganised. I think more often than not I just don’t notice time passing quickly, so things that are the very next things on my list will probably be tackled a couple of weeks later. This is why I’m getting around to resolutions nearer the beginning of February than January.

Secondly, I can’t narrow them down to thirteen. There are a lot of things I’d like to do – like sit a music exam or go to every Grand Prix – which just aren’t feasible when you have uni and a job to be getting on with (and barely enough money to purchase a Vettel hat, let alone a ticket to a GP). I always pick a couple of… ‘light’ resolutions, just to feel like I’m actually following them. However, there’s no point in making them all easily achievable. The following are a few I’m set on (and one cop-out).


1. Read a new book every month. I never get the chance to read very much at uni – not cool, considering I’m a publishing student – so hopefully this will be a manageable way to keep one of my favourite hobbies going. It’s kind of research for my future career, isn’t it? There are so many great books out there at the moment, and I’m determined to find twelve to recommend to you by the end of this year.

2. Write a dissertation. This is not a goal so much as a necessity if I would like to graduate (which I very much would like to do). The thing is, I never had to write a dissertation for my undergraduate degree. I did French and Spanish, and because I studied two languages we only had to write a ‘long essay’. Fab. Except now I’m slightly terrified at the prospect of writing something so seriously academic, and something which is genuinely a ‘long essay’. Keeping track of 20 000 words is very different to two or three thousand. Pretty decent practice for my future job, right enough. (Although, in that case, it’s up to someone else to write them.)


Burnt waffles.

3. Learn to cook a three-course meal, and throw a dinner party to prove it. If this doesn’t sound particularly difficult, it’s because I haven’t cooked for you. I can turn the macaroni cheese sauce into a solid. I once overcooked chicken; it was as wrinkly as a seventy-year-old woman who’s lived in the south of France and never worn sun cream. I don’t even want to think about my pasta/Philadelphia/stock disaster of fourth year. I would like to be able to invite people over for dinner without panicking at the realisation that not everyone would consider spaghetti hoops and waffles acceptable. I’ll probably have to try a few options (a few times) before settling on my three courses, so suggestions are welcome.

4. Keep up this blog. This will help me with my self-discipline, I think. I love starting new projects, but I don’t always get around to finishing them because I find yet another activity to fall in love with. (Hence the perpetually unfinished cross-stitch, the guitar books for beginners, and the boxes of materials for card-making that are gathering dust in my room.) I would like to post regularly all year. Hopefully the scope of subjects I’m able to discuss here will help the blog stay appealing. For me as well as you!

The rest to follow! Maybe you’ll spot a couple in there that apply to you as well – let us know. Best of luck with your own goals if you have them (and are already sticking to them). Keep checking back here to see how we get on with ours!



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