13 in 2013

As one of life’s perpetual procrastinators, I used to spend a disgraceful amount of time thinking about things I’d like to be doing rather than getting round to actually doing them. In 2012 however, I decided enough was damn well enough, and created my list of 12 goals to achieve within the year. Now any of you who partake in the odd spell of procrastination will be all too aware that the well-intentioned list often leads to a big pile of nothing, but astonishingly enough my 2012 list ended up being one of the most motivating and successful ones I’d ever written. It encouraged me to travel, to move into my very first flat, to go back to University, and even to learn to knit! In a bid to keep up the motivation and to begin our ‘be lucky’ philosophy, Lauren and I will be posting our lists and our progress and here’s mine,

1. Run the Edinburgh 1/2 marathon

The first goal on the list is to run the 1/2 marathon. Admittedly a pretty terrifying prospect, I’m hoping the run, advertised as ‘flat and fast’, will turn me into a runner! I ran the race for life last year with my two flatmates (Lauren, who also writes this blog, and Kathryn) but it’s beginning to dawn on me that 5k is a little different from 13 miles! The run is taking place on Sunday the 26th of May so fingers crossed I’ll be ready…

2. Read 50 books

Last year I made a somewhat unrealistic goal to read 100 books so this year I’ve halved it in a hope to get it done. I’ll be reading a mix of old books and new, taking recommendations whenever I can and posting my inevitably half baked and biased opinions!

3. Visit 2 new countries

I’ve already made progress with this one by taking a flying trip to Copenhagen. I made the trip with girls I met when travelling in America to visit our friend Caroline and had a bloomin ball! Keep posted for pictures.

4. Climb Arthur’s Seat

This was one of my goals from last year that fell flat on its bottom when I took one look at it and decided to climb the craggs instead, total cop out.

5. Get a new job

I’ve been working as a part time customer assistant for the last 6 years and as fun as it’s been it’s definitely time for a change. I’m hoping by this time next year to be working in a publishing firm, but even if I’m not, a new job is definitely on the cards!

6. Dedicate more time to crafting!

I absolutely love being creative but I rarely set time aside for it. I’m hoping to spend lots more time indulging in knitting, sewing and all things crafty!

7. Spend quality time with my mum at least once a month

I spend quite a lot of time with my mum but we usually end up chatting or watching movies in the house, so this year I plan to spend quality time with her and my family in general.

8. Project Edinburgh

We’ve been living in Edinburgh for nearly six months now and I’ll admit I’ve not been taking full advantage of the city. This year I’m hoping to get the cultural finger out and start visiting the museums, galleries, cafes, bars and book shops.

9. Start a craft group with girls from University

After discovering that many of the girls at Uni enjoy a craft or two we’ve decided to start meeting in coffee shops, so hopefully I’ll learn lots from them.

10.  Watch the new Dr Who

This one’s a bit of a cheat since I’ve already watched all of the Eccleston episodes, but let’s be honest, it’ll be no hardship to watch them all again!

11. Bake a cake from scratch

I’m a bit of a useless baker – my skills lie predominantly in the casserole and chilli department – but with a little lot of help from Lauren I’m sure I’ll pop out a scone or two!

12. Graduate

I suppose this is a pretty compulsory goal but a massive one nonetheless. Our course runs right to the end of September (I think?) so it’ll be a while before we do and there’s heaps of work to get done before then. It turns out Postgrad degrees allow for far less duvet days than Undergrads, sad times.

13. Record it all in this blog

My final goal is to regularly post on this blog. I’ve had a few in the past but have unfortunately allowed them all to fizzle out. Since this blog will be recording our efforts I’m determined to keep it running!

So that’s all for now, I hope you enjoy reading about our progress!

Clare x


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