Getting Ready To Run 4 It

The prospect of running the half marathon in a mere 4 months is quite frankly giving me THE FEAR. Yes, THE FEAR. I ran/jogged/stumbled my way through the 5k Race for Life last June and managed to finish with a fairly respectable time.

When registering for the half marathon (which shall be referred to as HM from now on as half marathon takes a heck of a time to type), I was a smidge horrified to discover that the race had a time limit of 3.5 hours. I somewhat optimistically entered 3 hours as my expected run time, and I’m now pretty determined not to be crawling over the finish line any later than that.

With the prospect of running 13 miles in 3 hours a sealed deal I decided to get myself to the shops to get kitted out. My first stop was to Edinburgh based running specialists Run 4 It. I’ve got pretty dodgy knees and hips so thought I’d better get some decent support before I started pounding the streets. I had a very successful visit, with the exception of bursting my jeans open in the middle of the shop (I’m not even kidding) and came away with a fetching pair of pink runners.

I’m heading out for my first trip outside today (running that is, not ever) with my friend Shona and I’ll be hitting the gym tomorrow night,

Wish me luck – I reckon I’ll need it!

Clare x

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