I couldn’t find an aubergine.

On Tuesday, I thought I’d play the domestic goddess. Cleaned my room (although Clare did the rest of the place) and then decided to make a vegetable lasagne for everyone, as another friend was coming for dinner.

This isn’t technically goal three, because I’ve co-made vegetable lasagne before, but this is the first time I’ve made it myself. Well, not counting the white sauce. I just bought that. And the red sauce, because no one makes that themselves, do they? Unfortunately I couldn’t find an aubergine, so I just bought an extra courgette. Courgettes, aubergines, peppers, carrots and onions (cut big enough to be able to pick them out) are the best ingredients for a veggie lasagne, in my opinion.


The preparation went fine, except my one-and-a-half-peppers-or-two-peppers dilemma was solved when I dropped half a pepper in the bin as I attempted to deseed it. I had a blonde moment when I was trying to boil off some of the sauce as I left the lid on the pot, which, as Clare pointed out, would probably prevent that. But nothing major!

It was when I was feeling like the perfect little housewife that I thought I’d whip up a sponge cake (just while the oven was on) and I’d creamed the butter and sugar before realising we had no eggs. I would have known that, since nobody eats eggs, but this fourth ingredient had temporarily fallen out of my head until it was necessary to add it to the mixture. Luckily the Working Woman brought some home. Unfortunately, too much flour fell out of the bag and I knocked the scales, so they no longer showed the correct weight, which meant I ended up adding too much. Another egg made it closer to the right consistency (so it no longer resembled rock-cake dough) but in the end it tasted a bit odd. Not sweet enough and not enough butter. Funnily enough.


I promise, baking’s my stronger point. But if I was going to manage a main course, I suppose something had to go!

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