Mi chiamo Lauren and my goals are…

The next lot of goals are the fairly typical money-related/weight-loss-related/learn-a-new-skill types of goals.

5. Keep track of what I spend. After yet another unwelcome surprise when taking out cash earlier, I have decided to list everything I spend in a spreadsheet. And the things I buy with this money. Hopefully the realisation of how much is essentially wasted will shock me into thinking twice before buying. It’s not like I buy large amounts of ridiculous things, I just can’t afford to buy a chocolate bar at 70p every day anymore! Sad, poor student times. I’m going to put away £4.90 a week, and if I see something I particularly like that I would normally go without then I’ll buy it with the chocolate fund. Which leads nicely to my next goal.

6. Lose four pounds. Not a contradiction, since I’m talking about weight this time. This sounds like nothing, but for someone with a chocolate addiction who doesn’t exercise, it means making a change. These pesky 4lb will take me to a target weight I would have thought impossible eighteen months ago. However, the main thing is keeping them off, so I aim to lose them by July and keep them off until December (and after).

7. Wear my white dress. Eek, sounds like a wedding dress, but it’s just a simple summer dress. I bought it on a shopping spree about three years ago, encouraged by my friends. It’s lovely, but as someone who wears black tights with any dresses, I have never  had the courage to wear it. In the time since, I put on enough weight that it no longer fit, then lost enough so that it does. On a rare day of sunshine this summer I’m determined for it to have its first outing!


Eat less of this to fit in dress.

8. Learn some Italian. Mi chiamo Lauren. Spaghetti carbonara. Otto e mezzo. Grazie. That is the extent of my Italian. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to go through learning all the ins and outs of another language, it would just be great to be able to hold a conversation and know the basics if I ever get to go to Italy! With two new Italian friends, I’d like to learn enough to have a conversation with them, then we’ll post a wee video of it on here to check off the goal.

9. Do my cross-stitch. I’ve had this cross-stitch for years (how many things do I buy and not end up wearing/using?) and would like to finish it. It’s a me to you bear and is very cute, but I’m really not sure this craft is for me. However, I’ve put it on the list now and have eleven months to do it, so this is the year!


P.S. I’d also like to say a big thank you to everyone who is already liking our posts and following our blog – hopefully we’ll bring you lots of interesting posts over the next year!


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