There’s Nothing Fit About It

I won’t lie to you, when I first decided to take up running, it was with the incredibly vain hope that I’d end up with a body like Miranda Kerr. I also imagined that I’d look a bit athletic while I was doing it but after sneaking a glance in the odd shop window or two I’ve realised that I look like a flat-haired, red-faced, sweaty mess, with a rather miserable expression. 

Now, since it’s only week 2 it’s entirely possible slightly possible that I might still end up with a Victoria’s Secret worthy bod, but I think it’s time to accept that I’ll never be an elegant jogger like SATC’s Charlotte #sad times.

 Questionable appearance aside, I have managed to make pretty decent progress in my running ability. When I first started I was barely managing a mile and today I hit 2.5! I’ve made a couple of calculations and it seems I’ll need to up my runs by about an extra mile to be ready within the 14 weeks – a terrifying prospect if ever there was one.

 In other news, my new trainers (Brooks ‘Ghost’ for anyone who’s interested!) have been a godsend. I’ve had no blisters or sore bits at all which is an absolute first, and they’re spectacularly pink, which is always good. I’ve also been going out with a very fetching pedometer hooked onto my waistband and it’s really helping to keep me going.


 So here’s to another week of training and another week of being a sweaty mess. Huzzah.


Clare x

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