Let’s hear it for the boys: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Whether scoffing chocolates you got as a present, or those you bought yourself, I hope the day is bearable.

To help you celebrate/commiserate, I have enlisted the help of Taylor Swift, my favourite musicals, and Pitbull – believe it or not – to pay musical tribute to those men who have played a bit part or a big part in my ‘love life’. There have been a few others, like my first crush at five years old, the two guys that looked like young Lord Voldemort, and the sophisticated Italian I’d never have looked twice at if he spoke English, but these are the guys that get their own song. So forget Celine Dion, belt out some of these instead.

Let’s hear it for the boys! (In no particular order…)


The High School Crush: I liked one guy all the way through high school. He was cute, funny and popular, like a character in some American teen rom-com. I couldn’t think of a good song for him, so I just picked a great song.

‘I Want You to Want Me’ – Cheap Trick:


The First Idiot: (I chose the tamest term.)

‘Picture to Burn’ – Taylor Swift:


The Friend of a Friend: Nothing happened, before you go judging me, but this song reminds me of him!

‘Give Me Everything’ – Pitbull:


The Big Deal: My first minor heartbreak. He was really tall, quietly charming, interesting in conversation, and different to most guys I’d met. I’m so very sorry to be such a cliché, but this situation called for…

‘Hiding My Heart’ – Adele:


It Never Could Have Worked: Let’s lighten the mood again! The song says it all.

‘If You Were Gay’ – Avenue Q:


It Really Should Have Worked: We had a lot in common, we genuinely got along well, and on paper it really should have worked. In practice, it didn’t.

‘The Story of Us’ – Taylor Swift:


The Next One: Well, I’m not sure who he is yet, but I’m sure he’ll be along soon. (Just been watching A Walk To Remember, to give me false hope about romantic possibilities, not to mention unreasonably high expectations of men.) So that’s all for now, folks! Hope you have a lovely day. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this:

‘Haven’t Met You Yet’ – Michael Bublé:

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