Busy Buying Books

This has not been a great week for sticking to my goals.

On the plus side, I’ve collected another signed book, which is working towards goal number…

10. Collect five books signed by the author.

I realise that this is kind of cheating because I didn’t tell you about it yet. I promise, I made it after getting Bedlam. It seems a good way to spend the chocolate fund (see goal five) if I had actually been putting money in it. Unfortunately, while I haven’t been buying individual chocolate bars at 70p each, I’ve been buying packets of four Kit Kat Chunkys for a pound (for example) and not just having one after lunch and tea.

Additionally, I haven’t been noting expenditures in a spreadsheet. Not because I haven’t been spending anything (unfortunately) but because there just hasn’t been the time. That’s good and bad. It’s good because over the past two weeks I’ve been to see John Green, Cats, I Give It a Year, and two friends I’ve not seen for too long; been on two nights out and to an event about book cover design; and completed the usual six days of uni and four of work. That’s quite productive. Nevertheless, it also means last night was my first chance to hoover my room in over two weeks, I have (clean) washing piled three foot high on my chair, and I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like. My apologies.

My new books

My new books!

There has also been no chance to read any of my new books. I’ve bought four: Delirium and Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver, How We Met by Katy Regan and Far Rockaway by Charlie Fletcher. I read Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver a few years ago and quite enjoyed it, despite the protagonist’s voice getting a little annoying at times, and these two books are from a trilogy that sounds quite interesting in which love is a disease that people are ‘cured’ of. They seem like they’ll be easy and quick to read, which is convenient as the third is released on 21 March. How We Met just sounds brilliant, exactly the kind of book I love, and I fell for Waterstone’s clever marketing ploy of getting a stamp for every £10 you spend: I had spent nearer £15 and didn’t want to waste £5 not getting a stamp, so I bought another book to tip the amount over. A marketer’s dream, I am. Far Rockaway was an unexpected purchase at the discussion on cover design at Blackwell’s last night, where author Charlie Fletcher was one of the speakers. The book has a good concept: Cat is a girl who is hit by a truck and, as she works through her injuries in hospital, is lost in an imaginary world filled with fictional characters from all the books she loved. The tag line is ‘Real girls rescue themselves’, which is great. I think it’s probably a bit young for me, but I saw the opportunity to get another signed book and couldn’t resist. Again, I was one of those easy to persuade to purchase. Author events are brilliant marketing.

Clare meeting John Green

Clare meeting John Green

As I mentioned before, we went to the John Green book tour in Glasgow. It was really interesting to go to a book event where it’s not just about the book, or even really the author (although John and Hank are like Gods to some die-hard fans), but about an entire community – especially when it’s a community I’m not really a part of! I felt a bit old sometimes, and a little out-of-place at the beginning, but John and Hank are really smart and entertaining, and I had a great time by the end. We got a signed paperback of The Fault in Our Stars, which we’ve both already read, but it was included in the price of the ticket and my hardback copy wasn’t signed, so I’ve added it to my small but fast-growing collection. Plus, since the tickets were purchased before any goals were made, it’s sort of free…

Anyway, if I were to do a quick mental summary of the amount spent in the past two weeks, I’d probably freak out and take back my new jeans (which I need) so I’ll start the spreadsheet on Monday.

The only progress I have made is some dissertation topic research (goal two), an improved version of homemade macaroni cheese (goal three) and learning some Italian: mia sorella – my sister (goal eight).

Hope your goals are going better!


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