Make it Happen: My Final Four Goals

It’s about time! Here are my final four goals:

10. Collect seven books signed by the author. I already mentioned this one, but since I already have three and it’s only the end of February, I thought I should up the goal from five books to seven.

11. Take myself out of my comfort zone once a month. This could be anything, from something crazy like bungee jumping (I’m not sure when that opportunity will arise), to something daft like letting Clare dare me to do something (or worse, our flatmate, the Working Woman), to something as simple as putting myself into a situation where I have to speak to lots of people I don’t know. I know my one for April in advance: I’m going to give away twenty books to non-readers on World Book Night. How can you tell who doesn’t read? You ask them.

12. Post a piece of my creative writing here. Again, doesn’t sound too difficult, but if you had read my stuff you’d advise me against it. I’ll work on it, to be posted in a few months!

13. Lucky 13! Happiness is… Every day, I’m going to record at least one thing that made me happy, something that was really lucky, or just something I’m grateful for. Luckily, I started this at the beginning of the year in a diary my parents got me for Christmas. Even if I forget to go back and look at it, going to bed with the positive points of the day in my mind is a really nice feeling.

Yay! That’s my goals finally set, even if it took two months out of the year to choose them. Now there are ten months left to make them happen!


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