Going Loopy For Lorna’s

Each and every Thursday Magazine Publishing is the order of the day, and finds Lauren and I heading in to work as members of the production team. We’re currently working on two magazines. The first, called Buzz, is a collaborative venture with the MSc Journalist students, while the second, named Publishers Inc. is the sole responsibility of the Publishing students. Days spent with the production team are always fun, but even more so when certain members decide to take impromptu trips to local cafes…

Last Thursday was one such day and saw Lauren and myself, along with fellow production workers Annette and Megan, set off to local cafe Loopy Lorna’s for some much needed tea and cake! We’ve been to this particular spot a few times now (see Lauren’s post Cake and Christopher Brookmyre for her take on the place) and I’m sure it’s set to become a favourite haunt!

Here’s a few sepia snaps of our afternoon…

Me with a rather spectacular knitted tea cosy, a MASSIVE slice of rocky road and a lovely little china cup and saucer.

loopy me sepia

Lauren’s missing scone caused quite a commotion and resulted in this photographic gem!

loopy lauren sepia

Annette and Megan proudly displaying their soon-to-be-devoured cakes.

loopy girls sepia

Hooray for tea, cake and Thursdays!

Clare x

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