The Big Two Three…

It’ s been nearly a whole month since I hit 23 so I thought it was about time I popped up some photos from my bash. After a somewhat boozy ‘children’s party’ at the flat we set off out to Opal Lounge on George Street where we shamelessly ghetto-danced and slut-dropped to our hearts content before  finishing the night off in an all night bakery!

I’m pretty terrible at taking pictures but luckily Lauren and my friend Bryan from work were on hand to document the evening.

First up is a hallway snap of me, Lauren and the Working Woman. Not gonna lie, we had poor Bryan take a fair few shots before we got this one but luckily we’ve finally found a keeper!
(for now…)


A selection of the fabulous Uni girls perched on our particularly teeny tiny sofas.


Another sofa snap, this time with two postgrad pals, an honorary publishing gal, and a lovely chum from uni the first time round.


Cocktail sticks = classy boozing. Fact.


My gorgeous flatmates!


…and this is why there are no photos from later in the night…


Had an absolutely brilliant night so a massive thank you to all my gorgeous friends and a special thanks to Lauren and the Working Woman for throwing me an awesome party!

Clare x


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