And the stupidest purchase of the week goes to…

So here’s my progress report for week beginning 25 February. There’s room for improvement at least!

1. Read a new book every month. Well, I had already read my book for February, then I read Delirium and started Pandemonium (finished on 1 March). I might review them too, but in short they were great.

2. Write a dissertation. Obviously I haven’t written it yet, as we’re still five months away from the submission date. (Although I did have a mini panic realising that’s how soon I’ll finish uni – where on earth did five months go already?) I did, however, hand in a very detailed plan – ahead of the deadline. Is it possible that this will be an essay I am truly interested in…?

3. Learn to cook a three-course meal, and throw a dinner party to prove it. Well, I made rock cakes for a bake sale at uni. But I could already make rock cakes. One of my lecturers was all set to make fun of them being ROCK cakes indeed, then probably saw that I couldn’t take it that day and might cry if he criticised them. So apparently they were very good.

4. Keep up this blog. Check! I’m afraid I haven’t, again, posted as much as I meant to. I have a getting-to-know-you post in the works but I’m not sure if it’s a bit dull at the moment because it’s just screeds of things I like! I’ll bore you with that soon enough.

5. Keep track of what I spend. I thought it would be organised and helpful to keep a spreadsheet of how much I’d spent. I also thought I would be able to leave it a few days then update it. I can’t; I forget what I bought. However, the stupidest ‘purchase’ of the week goes to… the 50p card charge I incurred on goods worth a total of £2.67 as a result of being without cash at the till in the newsagent’s. Yes, I was one of those people who uses their card for a ridiculously small sum of money. I was so stressed by the person standing behind me that I forgot I could: a) literally CROSS THE ROAD and get cash or b) leave something. A close second for the daftest purchase was a bag of cocktail-flavoured jelly beans, but they’re for a friend’s birthday, so it’s OK. (This is what happens when I stand in the shop at work and mentally spend money. Too often, I go on to actually spend it.)


The bookmark is gorgeous, and also 3D, which you can’t tell from the photo. The Refresher bar reminded me of when I was eleven.

6. Lose 4lb. HA! My chocolate orange thinks not.

8. Learn some Italian. ‘Guida con piantine della Città’ meaning ‘guide with a map of the city’, from the front of the guides we sell at work. Although I just checked ‘piantine’ which didn’t immediately come up on Wordreference, so that could be wrong. And it won’t be that useful in conversation, except with customers at work, though since my dream of going to Italy seems rather far off just now, that’s probably as useful as I need.

13. Happiness was… getting my train ticket for the London Book Fair, dinner and a film with friends, making progress with a copyright request at uni, discovering a book series I really like, the first day of a new month, gorgeous weather, and a cute feedback form at work from a little kid saying they loved the place.

Hope you’ve had a great week!

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