And this is why we LOVE Tuesdays…

Evening all, two for the price of one tonight; we’re doing a joint post!

We had a VERY productive Tuesday, starting off with an hour at the gym (utterly grim) working towards two of our goals. We then took the rest of the day off for cultural purposes, namely a trip to The National Museum of Scotland, a mosey around indie bookshop Looking Glass Books, and a well-earned sit down with Annette, Vanessa and James Franco at a matinée showing of Oz The Great and Powerful.

Prepare yourself for a somewhat photo-intensive post as we take you through our whirlwind of a Tuesday.

20130312_133033  DSCF9073

We kicked off with a wander round the stars and space exhibition, mooning over (excuse the pun – in fact no, it’s delightful) their selection of fossils, meteorites, and walls of constellations. One corner of the exhibition shows a short film which taught us these fun facts: there are more cells in our body than there are stars in the universe, and, in the words of Moby, we are all made of stars.


In the engineering section we made the acquaintance of a particularly pink robot who kindly spelt out Lauren’s name,


before venturing into World Cultures where we made Tibetan prayer flags, and promptly hung them up for all to see.


In the Natural World Clare found out she weighs the same as an anteater (and not even as much as a chimpanzee, praise be). Soon after we were inevitably distracted by the lure of the gift shop where she decided she desperately wanted the ‘weird toy in a space suit’.


Randomly, this old Playstation is signed by F1 driver Rubens Barrichello, and is therefore awesome. The museum also houses one of Jackie Stewart’s former F1 cars, which is also awesome. (Lauren’s a bit daft on racing, can you tell?)


Not sure how to explain this one, let’s go with ‘life imitating art’ and be done with it. Needless to say, our fellow museum-goers were less than impressed.


En route to Looking Glass Books we encountered ‘The Door to Nowhere’. How very mysterious.

 DSCF9081 DSCF9079

And upon arrival, we enjoyed a wee rest and a bit of cake. It’s OK, we went to the gym this morning, remember?

Clare & Lauren x

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