I don’t care if it’s cheating, it’s a boring goal

After a brilliant Tuesday, the highlight of my Wednesday-to-Friday-afternoon was bleaching the bathroom. Not a great couple of days! But then…


Me, Alexandra, Clare, Cassie, Megan

Friday was Red Nose Day. Just to explain for anyone who hasn’t heard of it: it’s a massive fundraising event with a telethon to raise money for Comic Relief, a charity that helps to deal with various issues in the UK and Africa. You can read more about it, and still donate, by visiting their website. Clare and I went to Jen and Amy’s to watch it along with a bunch of the uni girls, and it really brought the week back on track.


Getting back to my list of 13 goals in 2013, I realised I don’t like most of them. Obviously that’s part of the point of making goals – making changes that might be difficult in order to achieve something you want – but I don’t actually want some of these things. ‘Keep track of what I spend’ is all very well and a good idea, but I’m never going to keep a spreadsheet tracking the movements of every penny every day. That’s ridiculous. Therefore, I’m changing it. I don’t care if that’s cheating. It’s a boring goal and I will come up with something to provide more interesting blog posts for you, so it’s win-win.

Which goals am I finding slightly more interesting? Learning Italian (ventitré anni – 23 years old), keeping up this blog, and reading more. I’m in the middle of For One More Day by Mitch Albom, which isn’t as good as the others books of his that I’ve read so far, but I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve finished it.

Recording things that make me happy is probably my favourite. Here are a few things from this week:

  • Funny Youtube videos, especially ‘Dansons la Capucine’:

(I don’t normally care much for cat videos, but these two dance and sing in French – genius. Subtitled.)

  • Finishing work (99.9%) on Buzz magazine, taking off some of the pressure at uni.
  • Being on the short shift at work today, finishing at half three. Brilliant!
  • The first Grand Prix of F1 2013. It’s been too long!

Now, the goal to focus on this week is:

3. Learn to cook a three-course meal, and throw a dinner party to prove it.

I’m thinking about the dessert part of this meal (since that’s always the best part) and I’m going to try to make a cheesecake. There might be Maltesers involved. Some poor dinner guests might be subjected to my first ever attempt at this, so I’ll let you know how it goes.

Lastly, here’s an inspirational quote for everyone following their own goals:

‘The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.’

– Walt Disney

And on that note, I’ll wheesht and get on with it!


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