Dabbling With Decoupage

Now that Helen’s birthday’s past I can finally pop this post up! It was written way back when so sorry if it makes for odd reading!

This post combines two, yes TWO of my 13 goals in one; to dedicate more time to crafting and to spend more quality time with my mum (although I’m not sure if my mum would class watching me decoupage and knit as quality time…) Anyhoo whilst taking a wander around Hobbycraft I came across the decoupage section and thought it looked rather fun. With my friend Helen’s birthday and Mothers Day coming up I thought it might be nice to get stuck into making some presents, and so, with some help from a lovely shop assistant I came away with some beautiful paper, glue, a brush, an H and a teddy bear.

deco 3

It’s a really fun craft, primarily because it’s pretty simple and gives lovely results. It basically involves lots of torn paper and lots of glue. I went for glossy over matt glue and after seeing the finished result I’m glad I did.

Here’s some action shots!

deco 4

deco 2

The finished articles!


Since my Mum was sitting with me while I made her bear, I already know she’s pleased which is great! Hopefully Helen’s ‘H’ will get a similarly good response!

One of the things I love most about craft projects is that they always inspire me to do more, and after I finished decoupaging I spent an hour with my knitting. I started knitting last November and have rarely went more than a few days without picking up my needles. Here’s a picture of my latest venture – a Spring scarf (we live in Scotland mind!) in a beautiful wool by Sirdar called Connemara. Speaking of which, I think I’ll go and knit a few rows now, toodles!


Clare x

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