‘Here’s to Student Life’

OK, a little earlier than expected, I am attempting…

12. Post a piece of my creative writing here.

It’s for students, and those who once were them!


Here’s to Student Life

Here’s to acting before we think,

To cold pot noodles by the sink,pasta

And dirty knives and forks and plates –

Encrusted with the old remains

Of pasta, pasta, or takeaways –

Never cleaned for several days.


Here’s to all such student mould;

Here’s to living in the cold,

Since we can’t afford to heat the place;

To having no time to wash one’s face

Before running to class ten minutes late,

And sidling in in such a state

That you keep your hood up to hide your looks,DSCF8665

Then realise you forgot your books.

Here’s to the moments we can sneak

Inside the lecture halls to sleep,

To writing essays at three a.m.

(Left until the last minute again).

Here’s to drinking too much wine,groupphoto

And still making our class at nine.

Here’s to the grown-ups we’ll become,

To the lives we’ll achieve when all this is done.

And here’s to this life and enjoying the ride,

Because, all too soon, we must leave it behind.





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