Mood Board: Positive Inspiration

Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits! It’s Monday, a new week and, by chance, a new month, and this means fresh motivation in working towards my thirteen goals. Since I’ve been struggling a little over the past month, I decided to make a mood board that I can look at when I can’t remember why I ever decided to set these goals. Since a couple of people have pointed out that they couldn’t work out how to view the mood board, I’ll specify that you have to click ‘April Inspiration’ (below) to view! The picture is too big for the blog page.

April Inspiration

I was trying to come up with sample layouts for our magazine module on InDesign, but that wasn’t happening today, so I ended up with this. It still counts as practice, eh?

I had the afternoon off uni work for my dad’s birthday day out, and it was a really nice day – will post about it soon. Now my little list of tasks to complete tomorrow is a little longer. There’s lots to do before the London Book Fair, and we’re coming to a crucial point in classes, but it’s exciting and it’s all good!

Away to get started, but will speak again very soon. Thanks to our new followers – here and on Twitter – and for liking, commenting, and reading. That gives us motivation too!

Photo credit: Fanpop, Moda Collins

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