Pretty Things and Palaces

I have decided on my new goal: I aim to go to fifty places I have never been before. However, as there is no time or money allowing for a round-the-world trip this year, I am going to visit tourist attractions I’ve never visited, eat in restaurants and cafés I’ve never tried, and hopefully make a couple of mini road trips to some little places nearby. By the end of the year, I want to have collected twenty-five postcards. For any attractions that are daft enough not to have their own postcard, I’ll buy a souvenir. I’ll review the places for you as part of this blog, I just can’t promise that any will take me out of Scotland!

I mentioned before that I went to Dunfermline on Monday for dad’s birthday. It might not sound like a particularly special day out – Dunfermline, woohoo – but it was really nice. The sun was shining, the sky was clear, and though it was freezing it was a lovely walk through Pittencrieff Park (or ‘The Glen’) up to the Palace. I wish I could’ve got photos to prove that it is sometimes sunny in Scotland, but on my first sightseeing outing for the blog I did, of course, forget my camera.

The Palace itself made me quite sad; only part of the building still stands, and only about half of that wall at that. We also saw the abbey, the final resting place of many Scottish kings and queens, and stopped at Abbot House for coffee and a cake. Still having the taste buds of a seven-year-old, I don’t like coffee, but I had the best empire biscuit made from big fat shortbread. Awesome.

I didn’t collect a postcard because I’d already bought something from a cute little shop nearby named ‘Pink String and Sealing Wax’. It was one of those shops I adore, where they don’t actually sell a single thing you need, but because everything’s so pretty you really want it. What do we want? Clutter! So I bought this:

'Hope' print

It’s by Kelly Rae Roberts, and her stuff is really cute, although unfortunately it’s quite expensive to buy directly from her site. Looks like I’m all set with my motivational artwork, since I got this from my mum for Easter:


Is it just me that can’t resist things like these? One of my favourite purchases is my little plaque reading ‘Today is going to be the best day ever!’ because every time I look at it it makes me smile. I swear, if something serves no practical purpose, but has bright colours, patterns, pretty fonts or a great quote, I will want to buy it.

On the way back we stopped at South Queensferry. It would’ve been a glorious day if it hadn’t felt like -10 when the wind was blowing! We went to another nice little shop, Maisie’s Boutique, and I picked up a wee present for a friend who’s coming to visit. She’d asked the meaning of the word ‘clype’ a few days before, so when I saw this card with little magnets with Scots words on them, courtesy of Hearts Desire Scotland, I had to get it:


So there we go! A change of scene doesn’t have to involve going too far, and it makes it easier to come back ready to work again! It was a good day out, and Dunfermline Palace takes first place on my list of fifty new places.

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