Getting a Wiggle on for the Scottish SPCA!

With the Edinburgh Half Marathon fast approaching it’s really time to get a wiggle on! Today saw a rare and glorious day of sunny sunshine in Edinburgh which made for a perfect day to go running. This being the case, I went for my first outside run in months with my lovely friend Shona. (For some reason Scotland thinks it’s appropriate to snow in March…) Determined to make the best of the gorgeous weather we made for Arthur’s Seat and proceeded to run the 4-mile stretch around it.

As well as getting myself outside, I chose today to launch my Just Giving page I’ve decided to raise £200 for the Scottish SPCA, an animal welfare charity who encourage kindness to animals, aim to prevent cruelty through education, investigate abuse, rescue animals in distress and find animals new homes. The Scottish SPCA receive no support from the government or lottery fund and rely entirely on donations from the public. This, unfortunately, is the case for many UK charities which makes any fundraising efforts all the more important. Being a dog owner myself, the SSPCA cause is close to my heart.


Abbs as a pup – note the hairy carpet, a side effect of golden-retriever ownership!


My gorgeous golden retriever Abby on her first birthday

I hate to see animals suffer and if the result of my run can help, even in a small way, I’m only too happy to do it. So bring it on Edinburgh, I’m coming for you!

Clare x

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