Workin’ For The Man

If any of you have seen my list of 13 goals, you’ll see that number 11 is ‘Get myself a new job’. While my next bit of news can’t exactly be classed as getting a new job, it still constitutes a pretty massive change. This weekend marks my last two shifts in the Falkirk Boots store where I’ve worked for the last 6 (yes 6!) years. As of Saturday the 11th of May, I’ll be stepping into a new role in Edinburgh Boots and I’ll be honest, I’m more than a little sad to be leaving the lovely team of Falkirk people behind. Boots was my first proper job and throughout my time there I’ve met a lot of wonderful people.


Eilidh, Me, Megan, Rebecca, Sophie & Sarah

It’s always hard to leave behind something familiar and comfortable but sometimes it’s just the shake up you need. I’m hoping to be working within publishing by the end of the year, so adjusting to a new work environment is something I’m keen to experience.

A video by John Green of Vlogbrothers fame, was one of the things that really encouraged me to make the move. His video entitled ‘What To Do With Your Life’ appeared in October 2012 and really hit home. He made me realise that by not making decisions I wasn’t keeping my options open, I was only preventing new ones from coming along.

‘you will always be figuring out what to do with your life, and you’ll get to do lots of different things, and your decisions will be unmade by circumstance…just like your life now, adulthood will have all this tension between idealism and practicality…but I think what actually scared me about choosing whether to go to school and what to study was that each time I made a decision, my options narrowed…and there is something a little terrifying about the narrowing of those possibilities because you become aware that they will continue to narrow until you are dead, and that sucks. But here’s the other thing, if you don’t make these decisions these options still narrow…so here’s my advice, study broadly and without fear, learn a language if you can because that will make your life more interesting, read a little bit every day, but most importantly, try to surround yourself with people you like and make cool stuff with them. In the end, at least in my experience, what you do isn’t going to be nearly as interesting or important as who you do it with.’ John Green

Oddly, the vlogbrothers seem to always have the answers to my problems, such wise chappies! If any of you haven’t seen their videos, you should pop over to their youtube channel, trust me, you’ll not regret it!

That’s all from me for now, hope you’re all having a spectacular week!

Clare x

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