Cake Confessions

It has been lovely to be home this week, despite having to prepare for the move. (Will post about this soon – at this rate, tomorrow.) One thing I was horrified to discover, however, was that the last few weeks of uni definitely took their toll.

I have fallen asleep in the middle of the day, both days. And I have put on half a stone.

See, this is a little thing – or big thing, as the case may be – that I can avoid at the flat, where we don’t have scales. I just wonder around, eating whatever I can scrape together from the cupboard and fridge, and not thinking about my weight provided my jeans still fit.

I don’t tend to buy the right kinds of food to make meals. This is partly because I can’t really carry things like potatoes – weakling that I am – and partly because I hate spending time making something that I’m just going to eat. You can spend an hour chopping vegetables or ten minutes ‘making’ macaroni cheese from a 50p packet, and both are equally good.

I had some idea last week that eating around sixty mini Jaffa Cakes probably wasn’t the best idea. They were on offer, you see, so instead of breakfast, I had Jaffa Cakes; instead of lunch, I had lunch and Jaffa Cakes; and instead of dinner, I had dinner and Jaffa Cakes. You see the problem.

Image credit: roboppy

Image credit: roboppy

I make this cake confession in an attempt to embarrass myself into changing my ways. This cannot go on! (On the plus side, I never want to see another Jaffa Cake again.) This, as well as the other junk food I’ve been eating out of convenience (and because, let’s face it, it’s good) has taken me away from goal…

6. Lose 4lb.

Now I really need to lose a stone, and there’s no way this is happening ‘before July’ to be kept off ‘until December’. I really do want to make a change, because I know it’s not healthy and I’m starting to feel it. It’s just going to take a bit of effort, and I’ve never put work into my body or my health before. It’s definitely time.

Hopefully being at home for a week will help, because my mammy will make sure I eat properly. After that, I’m going to have to start cooking for myself. Och well, at least that’s working towards another goal as well.


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