Clare Fotheringham MSc? Yes, that’ll do nicely…

For the last 9 months, Lauren and I have been busily working away towards our MSc Publishing degrees. As number 12 on my list of 13 goals, I thought it particularly fitting to let you know what we’ve been up to!

As well as attending the London Book Fair earlier this year (read Lauren’s post Books Are My Bag to see what we got up to there), we’ve been reading, researching and writing, as well as creating a beautiful book and two magazines. As part of our bookwork class we’ve been working towards publishing a reprint of Catherine Carswell’s book The Camomile. Lauren, somewhat spectacularly secured us the rights to print as well as handling the group finances, while I worked as part of the marketing team, fundraising and essentially helping to plan the parties!

Our ‘Keep Calm and Buy Baked Goods’ fundraiser!

The book is almost ready to go to print so I’ll pop up some pictures of the finished article when it arrives and hopefully some pictures of our pending launch event! Any of you who are interested can also take a peek at the project blog, the Facebook page or Twitter feed to find out more.

Our magazine publishing class saw both of us putting on our design caps as members of the production team. Thought I’d pop in a snapshot to demonstrate the industrious and serious environment that enveloped our team…Some of the production team

We worked on two magazines: Buzz, which was released almost a month ago, and Publishers Inc., which will soon be making its way to the printers.

credit to

credit to

If you’re interested in seeing Buzz with your own two peepers, you can download a PDF version here, and you can see what we’ve all been up to on both magazines by visiting and  Heads up, the I’m a Secret Knitter article was written by yours truly!

While working as part of both the book and magazine teams often lead to long days and tight deadlines, I quite honestly loved it! A massive part of why I enjoyed it was getting to work with a great bunch. Lauren’s already summed up in Here Comes Goodbye… how much we’re going to miss them all in a far more eloquent and poignant manner than I’d ever be able to so I’ll leave you to her words. While we’ve still a dissertation, placements and a fair few months to get through till we graduate, it’s nice to know we’re on our way, and I’ll be sure to post our pictures when we do!

Clare x


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