National Vegetarian Week!

So goal number 7 on my list is to have an entirely meat-free week, and what week could be more appropriate to do so than National Vegetarian Week? The event starts tomorrow and bills itself as ‘an annual awareness week promoting the benefits of a tasty meat-free lifestyle’.

I’ve always been a little uncomfortable with the realities of eating meat, and once burst into floods of tears in the cattle shed of the Royal Highland Show upon learning the inevitable fate of its beefy inhabitants (no joke).

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In light of this, I’m almost entirely positive I’ll make it through the week as a full-on veggie. I’ve also accumulated 4 years worth of BBC Good Food magazines so I’ve got plenty of places to look for recipes!

I’m not a particularly big meat-eater as it is, and generally find that chicken is the only thing that makes it into my weekly shopping basket. I’ve considered vegetarianism a fair few times over the years, but for a number of reasons have never managed to commit. The first was because I was living at home, and it would have been a pain for my me or my mum to cook two separate dinners. While my mum would have quite happily joined me in my veggie quest, my stepfather is a resolute carnivore and would have been somewhat glum in the face of an entirely meat-free home. The second is that I didn’t want to be a nuisance to my friends. I didn’t want to be ‘that friend’ who they had to prepare something separate for, although in hindsight I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have minded! And thirdly, I’ll be honest, I love bacon.

But in reality, I love living piggies more, and so will put aside my carnivorous urges and see how I get on for this week. And who knows, it could be the start of something wonderful!

Clare x


2 thoughts on “National Vegetarian Week!

  1. atzyl72 says:

    Veggetarian meals tend to be alot more healthy due to their variety of ingrediants (vegitarians typically put more thought into their diets) giving you many of the micronutrients that are otherwise ignored. Plus it avoids the significant cancer risk posed by eating red meats. Good luck avoiding the bacan though 😉

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