The Day Approacheth…

With only 2 days to go till the Edinburgh Half Marathon I’m getting blooming excited! For any of you new to the blog, I started training back in February with literally NO level of fitness, and since then have trundled my way around Edinburgh and atop many a treadmill in my quest for athletic mastery. While I’m still a total sweaty mess who struggles through her first two miles, I’m still really proud of how far I’ve come.

While this picture isn’t perhaps the most flattering or inspiring shot, it always makes me laugh. It was taken about 15 minutes after Lauren and I got home from the London Book Fair. Our trip had meant that I hadn’t ran for 3 days and, being an optimistic sod, I’d vowed to train as soon as we got back…

Rest assured, it was quite possibly the most miserable run I’ve ever had, but luckily there was tea and biscuits waiting for me when I got back!

Getting into the rhythm of training was a struggle to say the least. I spent my first 23 years desperately avoiding exercise, an avoidance which led to bad knees, bad hips, an ever-increasing muffin top situation, and a very concerned mother. In 2012 I, along with a few friends you’ll be familiar with, decided to run the 5k Race for Life.


After completing what seemed like an insurmountable task anything seemed possible; I therefore resolved at the start of 2013 that I would get my bottom off the couch and get myself ready for the 1/2 marathon. I received my official running pack in the post last week and am now in possession of my very own runner number. Together with my official Scottish SPCA running vest I’m good to go.

Thanks to my wonderfully generous family and friends I’ve reached £233 in donations and may yet raise more. Any of you who fancy making my day with a last minute donation can do so here.

The route will take me from the centre of Edinburgh, down to the water and along to Musselburgh. I’ve heard it’s an absolutely stunning course, and better yet, it’s all flat or downhill HOORAH!

Wish me luck!

Clare x


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