My Big Fat Goal Week – Part 1

From this day forth, the third week in May 2013 will be forever known as

My Big Fat Goal Week.

Not only did I achieve three of my goals in their entirety, I also made considerable headway with another two! So for those of you interested, sit back and relax, possibly with a cuppa and a biscuit or two, and prepare for part 1 of the onslaught that was May 20-26.

Goal 1: Run (/jog/walk/stumble/crawl) the Edinburgh 1/2 marathon


image courtesy of Lesley Martin Photograpy

So I thought I’d start with this one while the aches and pains were still in full swing! I’m absolutely thrilled to report that yesterday I completed my first ever half marathon, and did it in 2 hours 28 minutes! The run kicked off at 8am and saw 8,000 runners begin their feat on a rare but beautiful morning of Scottish sunshine. I set off at a pretty decent pace and only stopped for my first proper break at 8 miles; during which I called both my mum and boyfriend to let them know I hadn’t collapsed yet!


Around the 11th mile my back and thighs started to really ache, but with the end in sight I was determined to see it through. Along the way I saw hundreds of charity runners and a number of really sad stories. One of the most moving t-shirts I saw was worn by a woman  running in memory of her daughter. Her t-shirt had a picture of her daughter along with the Lumineers lyrics ‘I belong with you, you belong with me,  you’re my sweetheart’, and it was really inspirational to see her run.

Goal 9: Do at least 2 charitable deeds (and no, I don’t just mean giving my seat up on the bus)

Although the majority of the runners were running for charities I only saw 1 other girl running for the Scottish SPCA (she was lovely by the way!) so I’m even happier that I chose to fund raise for them. So far I’ve managed to raise £266 and I’m so grateful to everyone who contributed. While I’m on it I’d just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who supported me, both with donations and encouragement, it really spurred me on to know you were all rooting for me!

So with one half of my 9th goal in the bag I’ve been looking for another event to complete it, and as luck would have it, I’ve found one!


image courtesy of

The RoadBlock Run is a charity event for Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, and takes shape in the form of a 10k obstacle course around Edinburgh’s Arthur’s seat. The event takes place on the 22nd of September and I’ll be there with bells on. I’ll hopefully have my fellow blogger in tow, but since I’m yet to run this utterly brilliant idea by her I’ll have to keep you posted on that one haha! So until then…

Clare x


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