My Big Fat Goal Week – Part 2

Goal 11: Get myself a new job

Any of you who read my post Workin’ For The Man will know that for the last 6 years I’ve worked for Boots UK Ltd. as a Customer Assistant, and that five weeks ago I transferred from the Falkirk store to one of the flagship Edinburgh stores. While I’ve always enjoyed working for Boots, it was never going to be my ideal job. I’d always dreamed of working in the creative industries and since 2011 have harboured a huge ambition to work in publishing, admittedly one of the most coveted and inaccessible areas.

I had visions of spending years accumulating work experience and creating my own opportunities before I’d manage to get a job, and I’d completely accepted I’d need to in order to get there. However, around a month ago, Lauren drew my attention to an advert for a Production and Design Assistant at Floris Books, an independent Edinburgh-based publisher.

Floris Books

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Floris had always been one of my dream-job publishers, but with such a small team I’d doubted a job would ever come up, so when it did I knew I had to go for it. I duly sent off my application and within the week was lucky enough to be asked for an interview the Wednesday of My Big Fat Goal Week! And do you want to know the really exciting bit?


I received the news whilst sitting at my desk on placement with Luath Press (see below!) and literally squealed – sooopa professional, I know. I’m still having to pinch myself every time I remember and will probably spend the next few months doing the same. It’s my first day tomorrow and quite honestly I can’t wait! So here’s to being an adult, and ticking off my biggest goal yet!

Goal 12: Become an MSc Publishing Graduate

So, My Big Fat Goal Week began with my first day at placement with Luath Press, an independent Scottish publisher situated within a hop, skip and a jump of Edinburgh Castle. The office, located in the owner’s attic, is wall-to-wall with books and manuscripts, and is about as compact an office as can be. My first week saw me proofreading, designing book jackets, writing blurbs and formulating marketing plans and gave me real insight into working in the industry. My two weeks in Luath are part of my university placement module, and therefore constitute another big step towards becoming a graduate. Hoorah!

Right, it’s about time I picked out my first day outfit. Toodles for now!

Clare x

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