My White Dress

7. Wear my white dress.

Before you go getting any crazy ideas, no, I did not get married.

My white dress was a purchase encouraged by none other than Clare during a shopping trip for my stay in Spain around four years ago, where I basically tried on anything she said I should and spent an inordinate amount of money.

This dress was never worn for several reasons:

1. I haven’t been on a beach holiday for eight years. (The perfect occasion to wear it.)

2. I live in Scotland. (Rarely an occasion to wear it.)

3. I normally wear black tights with dresses, and obviously they wouldn’t go with it.

4. I chickened out. It was bought for Salamanca, I was there until the end of May and it was getting really warm, so there were plenty of opportunities to wear it. I just worried about the fact that I hadn’t left the house with bare legs since I was sixteen!

Following the nice spell of sunny weather over the past couple of weeks, I decided I would wear the dress to my birthday barbecue if the sunshine continued. It did. After four years of being hidden in a wardrobe, the dress finally got its first outing. Here is a super contrived photo as evidence:


One goal complete!

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