Harry Potter and the Roman Baths

5. Visit fifty new places (towns, tourist attractions, even just restaurants).

Evening! A proper post this time. I’m back from a few days visiting my friend, Jen, and indulging my love of McFly (more on this soon, you’ll be thrilled to hear).


In this time, I managed to add a few more items to my ‘50 new places’ list:

1. Chippenham. We went to Jen’s former place of work, The Bell Inn, where I got to eat chicken, bacon and brie in the same meal. I love chicken and bacon, and I love brie and bacon, so this was one of the greatest combinations of food I ever heard. On the way to the pub she pointed out a familiar-looking house: the exterior was used in the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film, where Dumbledore and Harry go to recruit Slughorn. We also saw the place where the pair Apparate into the street, as well as a building in which you would find the door to Snape’s potions room. Wish I lived near filming locations! Having said that, Glasgow was used during filming for Brad Pitt’s zombie movie…

2. The Roman Baths. Bath is beautiful. It reminded me a bit of Salamanca, my favourite place in Spain, because the whole city has to be built out of one particular type of stone – or, at least, it has to look like it was. Unfortunately I didn’t get many good photos, but one of the better ones is at the beginning of the post. (I will work on my photography skills.) I love a good city bus tour, so we did this first. It’s a brilliant way to get an overview of a place when you don’t have much time. We had a brilliant guide on board, which is better than listening to the tour through earphones, and he pointed out the sights and the places where some of Bath’s most well-known former residents lived, including Jane Austen. 

Afterwards, we visited the Roman Baths (when in Bath…) and the exhibition is put together incredibly well. I admit, eventually the audio guide felt a bit too long, but it was definitely worth a visit. The natural hot springs were said to cure all sorts of ailments, and you get to try some of the water at the end! (Warm water is not particularly nice, right enough…)



3. Sally Lunn’s. We had lunch at Sally Lunn’s, home of the Bath bun, which is like a cross between bread and cake. It’s difficult to describe, so just has to be tried! Jen had a ‘steak trencher’, which was soaked in gravy, while I chose a club sandwich, but you can also get them with chocolate spread on top. It can be sweet or savoury. Bizarre! The building itself was worth seeing, as it’s one of the oldest in Bath. We had to climb up a couple of flights of narrow stairs to one of the dining rooms, and I had to make sure I didn’t hit my head off the ceiling when we did.


4. Gloucester. I’m not going to say too much about this just now, because it’s going to get its own post, but we drove up to Gloucester to see McFly at Kingsholm Stadium. While there, we went to Gloucester Cathedral – mostly to see the famous cloisters used in the filming of Harry Potter.


What a great few days getting to know a part of the country that I’d never been to before. Thank you, Jen, for inviting me!

It just goes to show that you don’t need to fly off abroad to have a nice wee holiday!


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