Where Did the Past Six Months Go? Or, Lauren’s Progress So Far

It’s July! I can hardly believe it. Not too long ago I wrote ‘2012’ on something.

This is the perfect time to assess how I’m doing with my goals. I’ve found four categories:

1. Achieved

2. Partly complete

3. Will take all year

4. Failing miserably

Only two are ‘Achieved’: wearing my white dress and posting creative writing.

Gloucester Cathedral

Hogwarts! (Or Gloucester Cathedral.)

Five are ‘Partly complete’. (Or partly incomplete, depending on your outlook.) I am writing my dissertation just now, and it will necessarily be finished by 23 August. My three-course meal will have an awesome dessert with all the baking I’ve been doing, but that was never going to be the troublesome course. However, since I’m leaving my lovely flat and lovelier flatmates in one month, I might try and have my dinner party before that for their benefit. (Or to their detriment, depending on how it goes.) I’ve visited 13 new places out of 50 and collected four out of seven signed books. As for learning some Italian, it’s true that I’ve learned ‘some’, but not enough to have the conversation that was designed to be the test.


Signed copy of ‘Bedlam’ by Christopher Brookmyre

Certain goals require a regular commitment, meaning they can only be assessed at the end of the year. I’m supposed to record something good or lucky every day, and I admit I haven’t been writing them all down. I always acknowledge all the small things I’m thankful for at the end of the day, but not writing them down means I’m unlikely to remember them. Perhaps it’s not necessary to record them – am I ever likely to look back over them again? – but since it’s part of the goal, and I have a pretty book for it, I’ll try to get this back on track.


I spotted Allan at the London Book Fair.

I’ve read more than one book a month and kept up the blog, but perhaps I should already consider number 11 failed: ‘Take myself out of my comfort zone once a month.’ In May and June I stayed resolutely within it because, to be honest, I couldn’t really think of a way to take myself out of it. If I do a couple of extra ‘daring’ things this month, I’ll list them for May and June. Totally counts.

I’m failing miserably at losing those pesky 4lb, but this was always going to be the most difficult one. In my initial post about the goal I had a few strategies, but I’ve not been sticking to them. It doesn’t sound like much weight at all, but I’m pretty sure I’ve succeeded in gaining a few pounds instead. I must achieve this one in the next six months! I just need a new plan…

As for getting work experience in London, I think this might be more realistic next year. It obviously depends on the opportunity presenting itself, but I’m not sure I can afford two weeks unpaid in London yet. I do have more publishing work experience lined up, so perhaps I’ll consider this half-done…? Of course, getting an actual publishing job – anywhere – would be the best outcome.

In conclusion, there’s still a lot of work to be done. That’s good, though – plenty to keep me busy!

Let’s do this!


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