The One Where I Get Sentimental

‘Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.’

I had this great idea at the beginning of the year. (By that I mean September 2012. Because I’m a student for another month and I still measure in academic years, OK?)

I bought one of those Waldo Pancake notebooks saying ‘I could’ve been a novel’ because I thought it was rather witty, and I thought Clare, the Working Woman and I could record our own witticisms and other flat stories in it. It would be a lovely souvenir of Flat Awesome.


Of course, like most things, it didn’t really catch on, and the notebook is mostly empty except for a few comments:

1. ‘A flower takes a long time to grow.’ The first of the Working Woman’s pearls of wisdom. She could have been referring to the basil plants I tried to nurture this year (Baz and Baby Baz), or the four-leaf clover I failed to grow. I’m sure Clare despaired at the plant carcasses decaying then drying to twigs on the window sill. But I’m pretty sure this was a metaphor.

Baby Baz in his prime.

Baby Baz in his prime.

2. ‘She just needs a good bang.’ Pretty self-explanatory explanation for what could be wrong with any number of people, but we thought it was hilarious at the time.

3. ‘I could grow a second ear tomorrow.’ I so, so wish I could remember what on earth she was talking about here.

4. ‘This is the end of fat weekend – I can’t break any more sofas!’ Just to clarify (particularly if our letting agent were to read this) she did not break the sofas. The springs had been carefully pushed back into the bottom of the sofa by the previous tenants (cheers for that), causing slight embarrassment when one sat down and appeared to have consumed too many takeaways that week.

5. ‘A moustache does not Johnny Depp make!’ My free advice to men everywhere who are considering facial hair they do not suit.

6. ‘There is no heckling, no chanting, no shouting. This… is a pub quiz.’ Of all the people to make it into our book, this gem is courtesy of one of our lecturers who hosted a pub quiz when we were raising money for our magazine. Take them seriously, people!

7. ‘I was expecting a veritable SEA of men! And what I got were five gammy fish in a pond, swimming around, just bumping into one another!’ Happily, Clare has now made a catch.

And that’s it! That’s all that was recorded in the little notebook, and I don’t even remember why half of them were funny. Luckily there are other ways to look back and remember just how life-changing this year was: lots of photos, old text messages, Facebook, even this blog.


Clare had a birthday party.


I had a birthday party.

The Working Woman hid her birthday behind New Year celebrations in an attempt to deny getting older.

The Working Woman hid her birthday behind New Year celebrations in an attempt to deny getting older.


There was crafting…


…and cake…


…and Christmas!




…and too much food!

The thing is, you can’t begin to tell the whole story.

There were old friends and new friends and boys (old and new). There were classes and crying and four-hour conversations, and days out and nights out and nights in watching Nashville. There were new jobs and exam stress and eating lots of Jaffa cakes. There were big highs and the lowest of lows.

There were those moments of frustration where you just feel like sticking your thumbs in people’s eyes. (Thankfully, not each other’s.) There was the inability to take a photo all three of us liked. There was not crying over off milk. There was laughing until our stomachs hurt, but I don’t remember why. There were those moments towards the end when we knew we only had a month – two weeks – one day left, and we got all sentimental. ‘This is the last time we’ll stay up late chatting!’ ‘This is the last time I’ll leave this flat to go to work!’ ‘This is the last time I’ll use the toaster!’

I wanted to explain why each of these girls are so brilliant, but it simply comes back to the fact that they are truly great friends. Ultimately, from the little things we’ll forget to the moments we never will, this year brought us closer together; for that, it will always be an important one.


5 thoughts on “The One Where I Get Sentimental

  1. beckysaysthings says:

    This flat sounds like the best flat in the world. It might be a bit forward of me but… PLEASE CAN I BE YOUR BEST FRIEND AND COME AND LIVE WITH YOU AND MAKE CAKE AND HAVE BIRTHDAY PARTIES AND SIT ROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE DOING PUB QUIZZES???? Sorry. I just had to ask. It’s fine to say no.

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