The Ghost Tour, the Witch and the Pub Called Frankenstein

5. Visit fifty new places (could be towns, tourist attractions, even just restaurants).

I’ve been a few new places this week: The Holyrood 9A, a nice little bar just off the Royal Mile; Mimi’s Bakehouse, a cute and quirky café in Leith; Frankenstein’s pub, which I can’t believe I hadn’t been to after five years of uni in Edinburgh; and the South Bridge Vaults, on a Mercat Ghosts and Gouls tour.

Since it is Hallowe’en, I’ll focus on the two that fit the theme. Well, a quick mention of Frankenstein’s – I was only there for an hour and missed Frankenstein descending from the ceiling, which is part of the point! They were showing the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which I’m afraid I do not get, but they had cheap cocktails.

The ghost tour was brilliant! Thank goodness it was the one night this evening where it didn’t pour with rain! It was really interesting with lots of anecdotes about the Royal Mile, the Vaults, and – of course – possible ghosts. I was properly freaked out in the vaults by the stories of ‘The Unfriendly Room’, where a student sceptical of a haunted room dares to stay in it and ends up dead, and that of a woman who asked the guide to please stop telling her story as it was upsetting the little boy – who wasn’t there.

I don’t watch scary movies or read particularly scary books because I go over it in my head too much and it disturbs me for way too long – and I don’t find it particularly nice to be frightened that way – but relatively tame ghost stories in a creepy underground vault is a great way to get into Hallowe’en!

We all got really into it at work today. There was Thing 1, Thing 2, and the Cat in the Hat, as well as the Phantom of the Opera and a mime. Then, channelling a bizarre mixture of Luna Lovegood and the Wicked Witch of the West, I dressed up as a witch!

In other news, I have now completed work experience with Black and White Publishing, which was a great opportunity to work with a wonderful group of people. This leaves me with two whole extra days every week in November, which I’m not sure I’ll know what to do with anymore! There will be lots of job applications, an attempt at NaNoWriMo, achieving some of my 13 goals, and perhaps a little relaxing!

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