A Mini Hibernation

So it’s Monday morning and you’re probably expecting some ‘I hate Monday’-type comment, but no! This is the equivalent of my Saturday so mwahahahaha – who wants a ‘proper’ job now? (Still me, yes.)

Now that my internship with Black and White has finished, I found myself last week with something remarkable: four days off in a row, without work or uni. That has not happened for two years! Normally people have a break on their blog because their life gets too busy; for me, I had four days to myself and made it time off from everything. A mini hibernation.

For one entire day, I ignored my phone and Facebook and indulged in watching television, guilt-free. Grey’s Anatomy, the Grand Prix, The X Factor, it was all good. Another day I went shopping in Stirling and my sister did my nails for me. Love the colour!


Another day I tried a new carbonara (must be version number sixty by now) at an Italian restaurant I had never visited before, as well as adding a new bar to my list. I also went to Dynamic Earth. Technically I’ve visited Dynamic Earth before, but I’m adding it to my list of fifty new places because I had zero memories of it. We spent a good two and a half hours there and it’s all about the development of earth, what we know about space, and all the sort of ‘eek, we are mere humans’ stuff I find really interesting. Unfortunately I forgot my camera (terrible blogger, I know) so I don’t have any photos, but it’s well worth a visit! They weren’t entirely unproductive days off, but relaxing enough to recharge the batteries.

I also saw the results of my ‘taking myself out of my comfort zone’ – a makeover shoot. My sister is a makeup artist, and she’s launching these sessions with a photographer friend of hers, so they need example before-and-after adverts. There were a few outfit changes and I haven’t seen most of the photos, just this example the photographer put together:

Click to check out Nicole’s Facebook page. A wonderful photographer!

I wish my expression wasn’t quite so much like I was sneering at the camera, but I do like the makeup!

As for other updates, I said I was taking part in NaNoWriMo. I have yet to write a word. My idea hasn’t exactly proved as inspiring as I hoped, so there’s no way I’ll reach the 50000-word target. However, one friend is trying to write a poem each day as an alternative, so I might try that from now on. (I know there’s also such a thing as NaPoWriMo, but I only managed two days of that this year.)

An unfortunate thing that I’m trying to turn into a positive is that my work had to cut my days this month. After nearly three months of working six or seven days a week (and three months before that of work/dissertation stress) I’m down to three or four days, and that’s not exactly a good, busy working week, is it? However, I do need to make the most of the opportunity to spend time on my writing, and I’m going to be part of a small group at work that proposes that we should produce a guidebook, which would be a great project to add to my CV.

The next big goal I want to take on is number three, my three-course meal, so I’ve started looking through recipe books and might cook a trial main course for my parents this week. I’ll need to remember and get photos of that – particularly because it could go horribly wrong.

So that’s all for now! If you’re one of those people complaining about the fact that it’s Monday morning, remember it’ll be Friday before you know it. And spare a thought for me, the poor soul still searching for that Monday-to-Friday, grown-up, career-type job.

And the one enjoying her weekend! Ha ha ha!


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