Winter Woollies

Today I had set my alarm for 6.40, even though I didn’t start until 10.25 and it should take around an hour to get to work. I knew it would take longer today because of the storm we’d been well warned about, and I read up on the revised train timetable last night in order to be prepared. Our line was one of the few still running, albeit on a reduced service.

I kept checking the updates this morning, and somewhere between my flat and the station (a two-minute drive – my mum was going that way) something went wrong. On the way up to the station I saw a train pulling away in the other direction and thought ‘That’s a good sign.’ I stepped into the station and it was like something in a movie: all the descriptions changed to ‘Delayed’. Around half an hour later, all services in Scotland were suspended. I waited around for a further half an hour to see if things might change, but when I was the last customer in the station and they kept repeating the announcement that all services were cancelled (with no replacement buses) I thought I’d better leave!

Many people would be chuffed at an unexpected day off that didn’t come about because they were sick in bed, but I was a bit disappointed. I like my job, I’m trying to save for a move to London, and, to be frank, it stops me thinking about how little I have on that life checklist I was posting about earlier on. So I decided to write a quick post about a daft, superficial thing keeping me cheerful this week: my winter wardrobe.

I’m not particularly fashionable and don’t tend to spend a lot on clothes, but several events this festive season have led me to do a little shopping. I’m quite pleased with my purchases, so I’m going to show off for a minute.


First up is my polar bear jumper. It’s so soft, and this shade of blue is one of my favourites.


Then Minnie Mouse! Unfortunately I couldn’t find a link for this one. Even in the shop they had run out of my size, so I just bought a bigger one to wear oversized. Both jumpers were from George at Asda, so were fairly reasonable at £16 and £14 respectively, and they make a wee change from the Primark ones!

I then took to ASOS for my work party dress (might post a photo after the event) and a new coat. I could not choose between two coats, but both were in the sale and my parents got one of them for my Christmas, so I treated myself to the other. Luckily one can be smart/casual while the other is quite smart, and they’re very different, so they’ll see me through to spring!

Just posing by the Christmas tree.

Light grey, very warm. It’s Warehouse, but it’s back up to £95! I don’t think I could justify that much on a coat, but I got a seriously good discount on this one. If you use ASOS, look out for the sales!


Red! You can find it here. (At the original price; again, I got a great discount.) Loved this in navy, but they didn’t have my size. Good Christmas colour though!

Who else is in the middle of Christmas shopping? Or I should say, who else has bought something for themselves among the presents?


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