25 Things I Love About the Holiday Season

1. Advent calendars

2. A chocolate orange in my stocking

3. Christmas dinner (which I like so much I ask for it for my birthday in June)


4. Nativity plays

5. The way random characters/animals/inanimate objects are turned into roles for kids in nativity plays

6. The films – Miracle on 34th Street, Jack Frost, It’s a Wonderful Life

7. Making an effort with wrapping presents (pretty paper, tissue paper, ribbons, etc)

8. The dog getting confused by unwrapping presents on Christmas morning, and trying to join in

9. Coming up with someone’s perfect gift

10. When the evening gets dark early, and you’re sitting inside in the glow of the tree lights and lamps

11. Fairy lights

12. Christmas markets and outdoor ice rinks


13. Christmas carols

14. Snowmen

15. Secret Santa

16. Christmas adverts

17. Cracker hats

18. Michael Bublé (not limited to Christmas)

19. Winter woollies

20. A Visit from St. Nicholas (’Twas the night before Christmas)

21. The Wizard of Oz (this was always shown during the holidays when I was a kid)

22. Decorating the tree


23. End-of-year nights out

24. The feeling you get when you’re on your way home on Christmas Eve

25. Spending time with my parents and sister on Christmas day

There are probably many things I’ve missed – I really love this time of year! Whether you’re celebrating a religious holiday or not, ’tis the season to be jolly!

3 thoughts on “25 Things I Love About the Holiday Season

  1. jennifer Windram says:

    I love the holiday season too. The house is so cheerful with all the decor and twinkling lights. And the Wizard of Oz for the holidays–I never thought of that. I just might have to add it to the line up. We always watch The Shining during the holiday season, even though it’s a horror flick. I think its because of all the snow in the movie…

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