This Little Blog of Mine


This blog began as a way to document the progress of our resolutions over the past year – 13 in 2013. In a couple of weeks, our unofficial tagline will no longer fit, and we have to think about where the blog goes from here.

How about, simply, 14 in 2014? Possibly, although many of the things I want to change next year are really boring: transferring money into my savings account more regularly, anyone? What about a bucket list blog? A blog focusing on positive things, bold things, go-and-wake-up-your-luck-type things? I’d like it to stay related to goals. It’s a good foundation, not to mention related to the title. I’d also like to introduce regular features so there is more of a structure to posting.

Unfortunately we’ll be saying goodbye to Clare, but I’m going to keep blogging as it’s definitely my new favourite hobby. I still can’t believe 147 people have decided they want to follow the blog, and that, even better, people like and comment on our posts. We have a great group of dedicated readers that I really appreciate.

While thinking about what to do next year, I thought I’d take a look back over some of this year’s most popular posts, as voted for (i.e. viewed) by you.

Thank you, universe, for not letting me get what I wanted

My first post written in response to a Daily Prompt, the Daily Prompt tag was probably enough to tot up more views than normal. Nevertheless, I do like this one about plans going awry.

Review: ‘If You’re Reading This, I’m Already Dead’ by Andrew Nicoll

This is more than likely one of the most viewed posts because the author tweeted the link. (Yay!)


A traybake without the baking: Malteser cake

This is when I realised the simplest of posts could be popular if they’re about food, and particularly if they involve chocolate.


Charlie and Me

This post contains photos of a cute dog, so of course it was going to be popular.

Debating Online Dating

Discussing my reservations about online dating, this post had the quickest response rate.


The One Where I Get Sentimental

My tribute to my flatmates.


‘Here’s to Student Life’

A poem about being a student.


The Mystery of Modern Art

I’m not sure why this got so many views. There must be a lot of people who don’t get modern art!

The Life Checklist

About how my twenty-four-year-old self would be a disappointment to my teenage self. (What did she know?)


You’ll probably find there’s an older post or two in the list that you haven’t seen before, so I hope you enjoy. Thank you again to everyone who follows, reads, likes and comments on the blog. An update on my last-ditch efforts to complete this year’s goals will come towards the end of the week!



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