The Career Year

I have never actually had a career yet, and this is the year it changes. I have stopped setting goals outside my control (e.g. get a publishing job) but I will develop the skills I need with the help of this blog – and perhaps take matters into my own hands!

My creativity needs some nurturing, so these goals will help to fix that:

1. Write something every week. I want to post on the blog at least once a week, but this goal is really related to creative writing. A short story, the beginning of a novel, a poem… whatever it may be, I have to produce something every week.

2. Post a photo a week. You know my photography skills need some work, and coincidentally I received a new camera for Christmas! So I’m going to take more photos, and each week I’ll add my favourite to an online album. This way, you can keep up with my progress, and I can look back over a digital scrapbook of sorts at the end of the year.

3. Post a quote of the week. I love inspirational quotes, so I’m going to post one a week, but I’m going to design it. I am pretty terrible at this, so I want to improve my skills – practice makes perfect, right?

4. Review a book each month. One step further than 2013’s ‘Read a new book every month’, this means reading will also produce my own writing. Reviewing exercises communication skills: you have to be concise, yet a little mysterious if you don’t want to spoil it… I’m going to be a master blurb-writer!

5. Learn about a new topic every two months. I gave myself a little more time for this goal, so that I don’t end up cramming at the end of every month just to produce an article for the blog! What I’d like to do is learn more about topics that interest me – the first being Greek mythology – and then detail my favourite aspect of the topic in a blog post. This should provide more inspiration for my own writing as well.

6. Visit fifty new places. This goal is back! Again, seeing and experiencing new places can inspire creativity, but it also produces regular content for the blog. And it’s fun!

7. Publish a book. Oh yes. This means that if I don’t have a job with an established publisher, I’m going to have to publish a book all by myself. In other words, set up my own business!

That makes seven goals so far. I have a few other ideas in mind, but I’m not going to set them in stone yet! Although perhaps one more…

8. Be bold. Life coaches would shudder at this vague, non-SMART goal, but Clare reminded me that not all resolutions or goals have to be about doing something. You can always aim to be a certain way. That’s where the new header gets its inspiration! These are a few of the things I would like to be this year.

2014, come at me! Have you all made resolutions this year?

Lauren x

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