First Week Photos

I know, I know, it’s the 8th of January, but when I say I have to write/take photos/design things each week I do not have to necessarily post them in their specific week. Particularly in weeks when I am working six days…!

However, I have been taking my camera out with me, and here are two photos for this week. Neither are particularly good.

Edinburgh Castle

A good view of Edinburgh Castle, with a cooling filter. Not that I can really tell the difference.

The Hub

This photo isn’t edited. I took it because the sky was a really weird colour. I couldn’t quite capture it properly, because I was unable to work out the settings on the camera. I didn’t realise the phone box was glowing until it was pointed out to me. And the bin is probably more in focus than anything else.

Hopefully there is dramatic improvement in my photography skills between now and December…


2 thoughts on “First Week Photos

  1. M. C. Dulac says:

    I noticed that chocolate brown colour in the sky one night. It seems to happen when there are heavy rain clouds over a city at night.
    Some alien activity is definitely happening in the phone box.
    Interesting pics!

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