Ten-Year-Old Goals

When I was a teenager, I used to set a number of goals according to my age plus one – when I was fourteen I had to achieve fifteen things, and so on. I stopped this as I got older, because as I scraped the barrel for enough goals to outdo my ever-increasing age, they were becoming more and more daft.

However, this means looking back on my diaries gave me inspiration for my last few goals this year. It’s funny to see how the things I thought would be fun to achieve all those years ago still hold appeal! (Ten diaries ago, ‘Meet McFly’ was one of the goals listed on the first page. I have refrained from adding it to this list, since ten years later I still haven’t managed this one.)


I’ve definitely lost a few. Although you can see I was so obsessed with McFly that I even designed and made my own diary one year…

So here we go, goals nine to fourteen:

9. Record moments that made me feel lucky, happy or grateful each week. I’m going to start taking part in ‘Thankful Thursday’ to help me stick to this goal. First post due tomorrow!

10. Watch Forrest Gump, An Affair to Remember, The Matrix, Gone with the Wind, The Godfather and Inception. Quite a diverse little group there, but with one thing in common – I haven’t seen any of them. The first five are constantly referenced, and everyone was talking about Inception, so I should probably see them to understand why.

11. Read two classic novels. This will definitely seem bizarre for a former student of literature and someone wanting to work in publishing, but I really haven’t read many classics. I read abridged versions when I was younger, and I own a few, but the only ones that I remember liking are those by Jane Austen. And even then I’ve only read three of hers! I like to have read new books that everyone’s talking about, so I’ve kept this number low so as not to hold up my reading.

12. Visit a tourist attraction in London. I know it must seem like I’m always there, but I have only ever been three times and mainly for specific events. I went to the Harry Potter studios in September and did the bus tour when I first visited about six years ago, but I’ve never been to the Tower of London or Madame Tussaud’s or Buckingham Palace or the museums, and you see where I’m going with this. I have another busy trip booked in February (Taylor Swift tour and Phantom) so I need to see at least one tourist attraction when there!

13. Win something. (I’ve put this as goal number thirteen, just to make it a little more difficult…) This could be anything, from another Twitter competition to something from a tombola (I’m good at those), but preferably the lottery.

14. Go on holiday. I’ve already said I’m off to London, so that should really be my holiday this year, but I would love to see somewhere new. Italy’s been top of my ‘realistic’ list for ages (New York is top of the fantasy list) and I’ve been looking at flights for a while. It’s a bit of a far-fetched goal, but if I could save enough pennies and find someone to go with me, this would be amazing.

My first few goals were really about improving skills and an attempt at self-improvement, so I think it’s fair that the last few are more enjoyable. I don’t think goals or resolutions always have to be about making things difficult for yourself!

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