That Friday Feeling

9. Record moments that made me feel lucky, happy or grateful each week.

I went out for dinner a few times, catching up with friends. One meal at the Hard Rock Café = doubly awesome. I did, however, eat so much that I felt ill for two days.

Clare hosted a movie night where we watched The Matrix, one of the films from my list of films to see this year! I imagine certain parts of it might have been freakier had I seen the film when I was ten years old; as it was, the film-makers probably weren’t going for humour most of the times I laughed. I do love a good dystopia though, and this is a great one!

Speaking of which, I flew through the Divergent trilogy this week. My book review for January might be about the series, though it would be full of spoilers because I just want to talk to somebody about it!

My other obsession at the moment is Grey’s Anatomy, and I’m currently on season seven. The musical episode was… unexpected! Eric Dane is a god, with his wonderfully rectangular face.

I saw the Jack Vettriano exhibition at the Kelvingrove, but I’m going to write more on this later.

I had my first Creme Egg.

I have an entire weekend to look forward to. Not just two days off, not just two days off in a row, but SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. It’s just so much better. All you lucky people with Monday-to-Friday jobs, you will not understand how especially great it is to experience that Friday feeling!

And I saved the best for last… I got a job in publishing! Admittedly it’s a temporary contract, part-time, and basically administrative, but a real-life publisher is employing me! 2014 might just be starting now.

Last up, it’s not a typical song for the weekend, but it’s cheerful and chirpy and from the Frozen soundtrack, which I have also been loving this week. Have a wonderful weekend!

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