One Year of Wake Up Your Luck

Well, that went fast.

Yes, it’s Wake Up Your Luck’s first birthday! After attempting three blogs that I never stuck with, I am amazed that we’ve reached this mini milestone.

It’s always been a blog designed to help me set and achieve goals, whether they’re career-type goals or just fun things I’d like to try. I’ve already written a review of 2013, and you can see my 2013 progress page here, but to celebrate one year I just wanted to write one little post to say why I have enjoyed blogging so much.


Last year’s resolutions or goals were certainly the ones I have been most successful in sticking with – I think making myself accountable to our five, fifty, then one hundred and fifty followers was part of that! In comparison to many blogs after a year, these numbers will be tiny, but they’re significant to me. On the eve of this ‘blogiversary’, Wake Up Your Luck reached 500 likes and 4998 views. (An even 5000 would have been nice…) My favourite stat is that we’ve had visitors from 65 countries around the world, from the UK to Ukraine, Kuwait to Canada, Brazil to the Bahamas, and many more. Incredible!

Blogging has been a lovely way to keep track of the things I’ve seen or done. They might not be big or important, but they’ve been my highlights over the past year, and it’s nice to have a way to remember the little things!


Writing a blog, you need something to write about. The fifty places goal in particular helped with that, which is why I’m aiming for fifty more places this year. I’ll happily admit that there are many places on the blog I wouldn’t have visited if I didn’t feel the need to reach that specific number. For some people, this probably makes it sound a bit like a chore, but it was actually so much fun. There’s nowhere – apart from one dodgy restaurant! – that I didn’t enjoy visiting.

The blog has also encouraged me to do a couple of daft things, like impulse-buying a trip to London and trying online dating. Even cooking, God forbid.


‘I couldn’t find an aubergine’

It’s helped me to make changes that I’ve been thinking about and create better habits. As much as I love books, I’m not sure I would have read as many last year if I hadn’t developed the initial habit of reading a book a month last January. I set pretty self-indulgent goals, and in aiming to spend more time doing the things I like, the blog by extension becomes a fun hobby.

It’s like keeping a diary or journal, except that blogging provides the opportunity to make connections with wonderful people that I would never have met otherwise. I’ve discovered so many interesting blogs, and I’m amazed that there are people who return to this one. After one year of Wake Up Your Luck, and a little ramble, all I really wanted to say was ‘thank you’!

Lauren x

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