Good riddance, January!

I am overly delighted with the simple fact that I can now write ‘February’ on things. I’ll be frank: January sucked.

I was wondering why I had been having so much trouble blogging over the past month. Sure, I was posting around twice a week, the same as normal, but they were mainly picture posts so I didn’t actually have to write anything.

Now I think I have discovered the cause of my writer’s block: with my aim to try to keep a positive and hopeful mindset this year, I was failing miserably. (Literally miserably.)

There is no particular explanation for it, although I’m sure if you had asked me on certain days I could have given you a very long list of reasons. And the nuisances became ever more tiny and insignificant. I have never used the phrase ‘the bane of my life’ so often in one month.

Things that won the honour of ‘the bane of my life’

  • My room, which seems to contain a black hole. I almost threw a toddler tantrum when I couldn’t find a doughnut for my hair (and I own two).
  • My fringe, which got so long it stopped getting in my eyes and grew right past them.
  • The peel-open tab on my packet of tissues that ripped clean off the packet. What is the point of you?!
  • My season ticket demagnetising itself. No, of course I don’t keep it near my phone.
  • ScotRail. If ScotRail got an award for every time they were named ‘the bane of my life’, they could fill Waverley station.
  • Many other things that I can’t remember, proving how little they matter. Yet how much they annoyed me at the time…

One Farcical Morning

  1. I remembered I had bought new earphones for my iPod, only to discover the iPod needed charged and I couldn’t find the charger.
  2. I was going to text my sister to ask her to bring hers over, but my phone had run out of credit.
  3. I phoned up to top up, but had to be put through to an operator because I was using a new card, and the poor woman could barely understand my croaking because I’ve lost my voice.
  4. I missed about three trains, all because I thought it might be nice to listen to some music on the way. I’ll stick to reading in future.

One friend suggested it was a ‘New Year hangover’ – that could be right. Or perhaps an occasional rant is necessary before getting back to the things worth writing about. Or perhaps my frustration at not being able to speak properly right now is being vented in a blog post because this is a way in which I can communicate!

I could try to turn it around and list the great things that happened last month, but – as much as it pains me to write off one twelfth of the year (eek, already?) – I’m happy to say good riddance to January. I’ve cut my fringe, now let’s move on.


P.S. Since I’ve not been feeling well these past few days, I need to catch up on photo of the week and so on, but I’m going to try a blogging schedule for February to keep on top of things!

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