I might not like cooking, but I love to bake. Perhaps because the results are way more interesting; perhaps because I’m marginally better at it.

That’s not to say I haven’t had a few disasters. In fact, I baked one of the most disgusting cakes ever to grace this earth. It might not really count, since it wasn’t exactly edible, but imagine a bubbly sponge with a moat of melted butter around it, and that’s the cake. Ever the optimist, I made the gross error of trying a bit, just to see if it was in fact as bad as it looked. It was worse.

I’m normally one for taking shortcuts, or using gadgets that save time, but not when it comes to baking. I feel like the second I pick up an electric mixer it’s no longer made with love! The most exercise my arms ever get is mixing together flour, butter, sugar and egg to make all manner of lovely baked goods.

I had an early finish at work today and I’m going to a friend’s for dinner tonight, so I thought I’d take some rock buns as a contribution. I wish we had ‘smellivision’ so you could get the effect of being in my kitchen right now!

Since there are no guarantees these will turn out OK, here’s a photo of the rock buns before I put them in the oven.

Baking always reminds me of home, so I liked that the ‘home’ ornament was in the photo as well.

Have a lovely weekend, and treat yourself!


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