Earning Twenty-Six Days of Awesome

Goal 14. Go on holiday

There are around five weeks of work left before I leave for my trip to the States. In that time, we have the Easter holidays, the most… challenging time of year at one of my jobs. To keep myself motivated, I’m working towards one day of my trip each shift, as well as some of the extra activities that are going to cost a little more. These include:

  • A helicopter over the Grand Canyon (although I’m also tempted by the glass bridge)
  • A night out in Vegas
  • The Mississippi riverboat cruise
  • The Empire State Building

Yesterday, I earned my tour of Graceland (and yesterday’s fifty quid was well and truly earned), while today I was working towards my day in Nashville. I don’t know how much time we’ll have there, but I’d love to visit the Country Music Hall of Fame or the Grand Ole Opry!

It’s not long until I go – almost the equivalent of one shift for each day I’m away, so it’s a great way to count down. The flipside of this is that there are only nine days for me to get organised for the trip. There is plenty still to prepare – from the truly important issues, like whether or not to take a curling iron, to minor things, like where I’m going to stay in NYC…


In other goal-related news, I have watched no more classic films, read no classic novels and have yet to win anything. However…

1: I’ve found myself able to write a little for the first time in months, although I still wouldn’t be happy to post any of it!

2 and 5: Improving my photography skills is not going well, but I decided that digital photography will be the subject to learn about in April so that I can record my trip properly.

3: I already know the next quote I want to design, but I don’t have any photos to suit it.

4: I need to review another book! Currently reading The One Plus One by Jojo Moyes.

6: I visited the Edinburgh Dungeons and Glasgow restaurant Soho to add two new places to my list.

7: I’ve published ebooks at work.

8: I boldly spent a hell of a lot of money on flights and hotels.

9: I’ve been tweeting about happy things, like my love of poetry and Jesse Williams’ eyes. (If you agree, I’m @Be_Lucky_Lauren, and I think we’ll get along well.)


5 thoughts on “Earning Twenty-Six Days of Awesome

  1. Lisa says:

    I love the idea of motivating yourself by thinking about what you’re earning in terms of experience rather than money, sounds like a great motivator!

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