The Wanderer

Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit.


Just five? Let’s see if I can narrow it down…



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5. Greece

Gorgeous Greece! Full of ancient ruins and world heritage sites, this would be a stunning place to see. I’ve always been interested in Greek mythology and I’d love to learn more about it by actually visiting the country.


4. Italy

I could be more specific, but there are so many places within Italy I’d love to visit that the whole place deserves a mention. If I had to choose, then of course I’d visit Rome. I only found out a couple of days ago that Shelley and Keats are buried in the Protestant Cemetery there, and there’s a memorial house with a collection of memorabilia related to them and lots of other incredible poets that I’m now desperate to visit. Not to mention, spaghetti carbonara is my favourite meal, and it would be lovely to try an authentic Italian carbonara!


3. The Grand Canyon

There are lots of beautiful, unbelievable places in the world, but it’s the Grand Canyon that’s always been on my list. The most amazing thing is that I will be there in less than three weeks.


2. Monaco

My absolute dream vacation is to have paddock passes for the Monaco Grand Prix. It’s one of the classic Formula 1 tracks, and the fact that the principality is a playground for the rich and famous means it has a certain elusive, glamorous mystique, and I would love to see how the other half live!


1. New York, New York

Perhaps it’s because it’s one of the most filmed/photographed places on earth, but I have to see New York for myself. And I’m going to – in a little over a month!


I’m so excited!




Image credit:


Parthenon: GothPhil

Rome: George Goodman

Grand Canyon: Clare!

Monaco: Christian Teillas

New York: Sreevishnu Byrakur



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