Party in the USA

I am typing this in the minivan driving us across the USA and I get travel sick so it’s going to be a short one!

I am having the best time, as everyone assured me I would, but it’s been even better than I expected.

On Tuesday, I did a tour of LA, going to Venice, the Griffith Observatory, the Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive and the Farmer’s Market. The latter is one of the best places I’ve ever visited. I said the same of San Diego Zoo yesterday, and Balboa Park alongside. I’ll hopefully be able to post photos soon, when I get a proper minute (and decent wifi).

Miraculously I’ve yet to get sunburn, but I have tried California institution In-N-Out Burger, got photos of the famous Hollywood sign, and already eaten at a new Hard Rock Cafe. I could easily complete my fifty new places list halfway through this trip, but might settle for the 15/16 states we’re going to visit by the end of the month!

Now, though, we’re off to Las Vegas! Our tour guide has simply asked that we don’t get arrested tomorrow night (at least) because we’ll be leaving early on Sunday.

Hope you’re having a brilliant week!


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