Meerkats and elephants and bears, oh my

A quick post with a couple of photos from one of my favourite places on this trip so far: San Diego Zoo.


A charismatic polar bear. He looks funny here because he was chomping away on something.


I adore meerkats. It’s probably a little bit because of the adverts, but then I saw them at Belfast Zoo and realised they were so freaking cute that I’d have one as a pet if that was a done thing.


The elephants were another of my favourites, and we saw one getting fed.


The pandas at Edinburgh Zoo are practically celebrities and whether Tian Tian is pregnant or not gets discussed in the papers. Well, guess what Edinburgh, other zoos have pandas too!

The zoo is absolutely gorgeous and is the biggest contributor to conservation issues in the US. Here are a few photos of the zoo itself:




If you’re going to San Diego for whatever reason, you can easily spend an entire day here, and it’s well worth it!

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