Preparing to Quit Bad Habits – Sorry, Create Good Habits

Apparently it is no longer true that to repeat something for 21 days will turn it into a habit. That’s slightly disappointing, since I was feeling motivated to make some changes. Although I have to say that the 21-days promise has never been much encouragement for me, because even three days feels difficult when addressing my worst habits.

Today’s Daily Prompt is about sleep procrastination, which I felt compelled to acknowledge since I spent an hour last night going from Twitter to Facebook to WordPress to Twitter to Facebook to WordPress, with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING GOING ON, before finally heading to bed.

Then, of course, I had to take my make-up off, cleanse and moisturise – a decent skincare routine is one of my few good habits. However, it sure is irritating when I just want to go to bed.

Then I had to check the room and bed for spiders, but that’s just good sense.

My internet addiction is probably my worst (along with eating too much chocolate). I allow it to disturb my sleep, distract me from things I have to do and just generally waste time. And I hate to waste time.

This leads me to my first two new habits:

1. Switch my laptop/tablet off at least an hour before I want to go to sleep.

2. Give myself a set amount of time to spend online according to what I need to do – check emails, etc – and no more.

I realise the irony of declaring this on the internet, but blogging is definitely my best use of time spent online.

Once I am wasting less time staring at a computer screen, I will have more time for the following:


One day I will read them all.

3. Read more of the books I want. I read a lot for my job, but it leaves me less inclined to read in my own time. However, with at least an hour on the train each day (which will no longer be spent falling asleep), I have the perfect time to catch up on the ‘To Be Read’ list.

4. Write creatively. It drives me crazy if I don’t have time to write, so perhaps I could try writing something before going to bed? Or would that become another form of sleep procrastination…?

5. See friends more. OK, my internet addiction wasn’t exactly so bad that I didn’t have a social life, but it would be nice to see my friends even more!

I’m hoping that dedicating more time to these things will mean I…

6. Complain less. Be more positive. I need to quit complaining! I irritate myself. Many of the things I whinge about are my own fault. ‘Ugh, I’m so fat!’ Well, stop eating so much chocolate then!  I will try to always look on the bright side (hence the uber positive post title).

So that covers everything that I want, but what about things that will be good for me more literally?

Vegetable lasagne

Layer one of vegetable lasagne. I do actually like this.

6. Eat better. Ah, so vague, and therefore difficult to follow. To be specific, I am no longer allowed to eat a big Malteser bar and a bag of giant chocolate buttons in one day. Baby steps: try to have just one small chocolate bar a day, like I managed in the States when their chocolate was gross. (I can’t cut it out completely. One time I managed ten days without chocolate, and I put on weight because I replaced it with doughnuts and other junk.)

7. I should probably take a multivitamin. Yes, you’re supposed to get vitamins and minerals from what you eat, but I’m being realistic. Baby steps.

8. Do one lot of deliberate exercise each week. I do a decent amount of incidental exercise, which is the only reason I’m not another two stones heavier. However, my day off tends to be entirely inactive. Next month I might actually have two days off every week (!) and on one of them it would be nice (well, rubbish, but good for me) to join some kind of fitness class.

So if I can’t simply create these habits in 21 days, how do I do it? Well, I’m not actually sure. I’ll try to actively consider decisions, instead of eating what’s convenient and going online because it requires no brain power. I need to imagine what it would be like to finish a novel, or lose a stone, and keep using that as motivation.

I should make a mood board!


Many of these are related to this year’s goals, but most of them aren’t going as well as I would have hoped. Mid-year (eek!) progress coming next week.

What about you? Is it only me who finds it this difficult to do what’s good for me?!

2 thoughts on “Preparing to Quit Bad Habits – Sorry, Create Good Habits

  1. Lucia says:

    I’m also struggling with my internet addiction, but I’m positive we can both be more productive with our time spent on and off line. Good luck! 🙂

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