2014 Half-Year Progress

Time to go over those goals!


1. Write something creative every week.

Well, we’re off to a good start, because I haven’t done this. Although I’m starting to think it might not be possible to practise being creative – surely you can’t force ideas?

From July onwards: I have to do this AND now post something each month to prove it, whether it’s rubbish or not.


2. Post a photo a week.

Attempted. Managed a few weeks at the beginning of the year, have been taking lots more photos since Christmas, and posted for the last two weeks. (See photos here.)

From July onwards: I might take part in the weekly photo challenges, and practise editing photos. I’ve been doing this at work recently and really enjoying it.



3. Post a quote of the week.

I haven’t done this every week either, but have managed a fair few. In a couple of weeks I will be working five days a week instead of six, which will make it much easier to find time for this. (See quotations here.)

From July onwards: post a quote every two weeks.


4. Review a book each month.

Oh dear, this should have been easy. I was reading so much for work that I was doing a lot less of it in my spare time. (Reviews here.)

By the end of the year: I will have posted at least twelve reviews, just not exactly one per month.


5. Learn about a new topic every two months.

I’ve done this indirectly, thanks to the books I’ve been reading at work. However, they’re not exactly topics I would really have wanted to learn so much about – true crime, for example.

From July onwards: I’m going to stick with this goal and try harder.


6. Visit fifty new places.

This one is easily complete. In fact, I have visited at least one hundred new places if we’re simply talking about US service stations, but I don’t want to consider the list finished. I’ll add some of the most recognisable places from each state, but still leave around fifteen spots on the list for places I’ll visit in the second half of the year. (See list on 14 in 2014 page.)

Bluebird Cafe

The Bluebird Cafe! And sun in my eyes.

7. Publish a book.

I published around seventy ebooks with work, but wasn’t as involved in the process as I was imagining when I set this goal. I’m going to wait and see how the year pans out before deciding whether this can be checked off or not.


8. Be bold.

I decided to start living a little and went travelling round the States.

Apart from that, this one’s really hard to measure!


9. Record moments that made me feel lucky, happy or grateful each week.

Twitter is actually the easiest way of doing this. (If you use Twitter, I’m @be_lucky_lauren – say hi!) I also have several posts on the blog about things that have made me happy, and now have a little notebook I carry around to note down the best moments of the day, so this goal is on track.


10. Watch Forrest GumpAn Affair to RememberThe Matrix, Gone with the WindThe Godfather and Inception.

Forrest Gump and The Matrix – check! The rest – to be watched.


11. Read two classic novels.

Haven’t yet. I don’t even know which to choose. Any suggestions?


12. Visit a tourist attraction in London.

British Museum. Also the Harry Potter Studio tour (but I’d already been), the O2 Arena (not sure that counts) and Her Majesty’s Theatre.


13. Win something.

Does a silver medal count?


14. Go on holiday.

‘Go on holiday’. A ‘holiday’ sounds so run-of-the-mill. I went on an EPIC holiday. I had the trip of a lifetime! That’s why, despite all its frustrations, 2014 will always be one of my best years.

Times Square steps

Times Square and Broadway is one of the greatest areas on earth!


So, in short:

Four goals on track.

Seven half-points for those achieved in part.

Three yet to be started or failed thus far.

= 7.5/14


That’s like a C in school. I don’t get Cs! We need to make it an A by the end of the year.


There’s so much work to be done! Have you stuck to your New Year resolutions? What goals are you working on? Or do you prefer not to set goals?


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