Review: The List of My Desires by Grégoire Delacourt


The List of My Desires

Author: Grégoire Delacourt

Publication date: 24 April 2014

Publisher: Phoenix

Format: paperback

Pages: 240


This book is not as cute as its cover.



Jocelyne Guerbette, our protagonist, lives an ordinary (for want of a better word) life. She is married to Jocelyn (how cute) and they have two grown-up children. She runs a haberdashery and writes a successful blog.

Then she wins 18 million Euros.

We’ve probably all imagined how we’d spend a lottery win. We imagine we’d be ecstatic, like everything will be easy from that moment. Not Jocelyne. She’s contented with her life as it is. How can you keep 18 million Euros a secret?


My View

I actually quite enjoy gimmicks, and thought the book might be built around the ‘list of my desires’ from the title. However, although her lists are important, they only enhance the plot rather than make it.

The story itself is beautifully written and translated, and it all flows so well that the key points in the action make a greater impact when they occur. In fact, the book caught me out. In the hands of many writers the story might make me, frankly, mad I had read it. As it is, I’m not 100% sure how I felt about it because it provokes such a spectrum of emotions.

One thing I am sure about is the beauty of the book – the character development. I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll reiterate my initial overall impression: The List of My Desires is not as sweet as it looks, but it’s all the better for it.

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