Quote: Be the Heroine

I read this quotation recently and had to make it quote of the week. I already knew Nora Ephron was a genius, and here is further proof!

It was one of the quotations in this box I gifted to myself:

Inspiration Box

If you’ve ever wondered what type of person actually buys these things, it’s me. Apparently I now have to purchase my inspiration.

Anyway, recently it seems that I only ever complain, and I’m annoying myself, never mind anyone else! So I have finally taken a baby step in the direction of a big move: in September, I’m taking a trip to London to see my friends there and get advice about living in the city. Even just having set that plan in motion has lifted my spirits.

The idea of being ‘the heroine of your life’ is one I’ve visited before, and it’s what this entire blog is all about, really: being bold, achieving goals, trying new things and focusing on the positive. I just needed a little reminder!

Lauren x

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